As it all began almost 60 years ago…. Joy and Elwood

“Thank You so much Dr. Chipchase for coming to the N—- Church this weekend. What a blessing you were to me and my wife S–. I could listen to you speak all day.

God Love and Bless you brother and sister in CHRIST!”

“Hi Pastor Chipchase, I don’t think I ever told you what an inspiration both of you were in my families lives! I remember when we met.

  … You’ve been there for us whenever we needed you.

… Thank you Pastor and Mrs Chipchase,  For being a blessing in my life.”

Dr. Chipchase oversees the wedding of his grand daughter Jessie Chipchase

Joy, her grand daughter Dana, and two of her great grand children

GOD truly bless you for all you are doing and we will keep you in our daily prays for such a wonderful mission you are doing!

I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted these past few weeks and listening to you was a breath of fresh air…

Another son is married…

Joy and Elwood begin another ministry trip

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