31 Prayer Requests for Others

Compiled by Dr. Elwood Chipchase


Heavenly Father, may he (or she)

1. Be sensitive and receptive to the Word of God.

2. Have godly harmony with family and friends.

3. Have a working plan to understand God’s Word.

4. Be faithful in attending church.

5. Be true to spiritual convictions.

6. Be vibrantly sharing the gospel with others.

7. Turn first to God in times of trouble.

8. Have courage in the special work God gives.

9. Have godly insight in managing finances.

10. Call on God’s strength for trials and crisis.

11. See God’s hand in the circumstances of life.

12. Be consciously accountable to the Lord.

13. Find God’s encouragement when discouraged.

14. Make heart preparation to hear from God.

15. Be faithful to study the Word daily.

16. Have a godly response to conflict.

17. Grow in ability for wise decision-making.

18. Be filled with the knowledge of God’s will.

19. Grow in godly character.

20. Walk worthy of the Lord.

21. Increase in the knowledge of God.

22. Use the spiritual gifts in the will of God.

23. Express gratefulness for big and little things.

24. Have victory over Satan’s temptations.

25. Develop godly personal relationships.

26. Grow in his/her prayer life.

27. Live blameless.

28. Take opportunities to minister God’s Word.

29. Abound in love for others.

30. Follow those in authority.

31.Daily speak to others about Christ.

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10 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor


1. Pray that God will protect him spiritually.

2. Pray that he will be empowered by the Spirit of God.

3. Pray that he will know the will of God.

4. Pray that he will make personal devotions and quite time a priority.

5. Pray that he will resist temptation.

6. Pray that his ministry will be Christ centered.

7. Pray that he will have a concern for the lost.

8. Pray that he will have a compassionate heart.

9. Pray that he will handle opposition well.

10. Pray that he will give glory to God.

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